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S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts

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Price: $199.00
(as of Aug 07,2021 12:24:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description

S7K Putter: Set It, Check It –Stroke It, Sink It.


When You Line Up Wrong, You Can Do Everything Else Right And Still Miss Your Put

Yes, you can say the same for reading greens and your putting speed, too, but no putter can read greens for you or control your tempo based on your distance from the hole.

There is, however, a putter that practically aligns itself for you.

It’s called the S7K Putter and it stands up by itself so you can set it behind the ball and walk back to check your alignment from behind and down the line. If you’ve made a mistake, you’ll see it immediately and you can realign perfectly before taking your stroke.

Did you know that on putts inside 10 feet, fewer than 10% of golfers consistently line up correctly?

Not anymore for you, thanks to the S7K. Imagine…

Draining more putts for birdie and parDramatically reducing your round-crushing 3-puttsPractically eliminating the “yips”Consistently lagging it close from long distance, and…Holing pressure putts like a seasoned pro



Triple Line Path GuideTriple Line Path Guide

standing putterstanding putter

strike dotstrike dot

Stroke-Balance Construction

The S7K’s ultra-low balance point promotes better acceleration through impact. Like a steel ball on a string, with gravity almost pulling the putter through the stroke – just let it swing and it will follow the true path. The S7K is incredibly easy to square at impactwithout manipulating the blade with your hands. And that means pure rolling, hole-tracking putts, stroke after stroke.

Triple Line Path Guide

Three lines on the flange are used to set the S7K on the intended path as you line it up from behind and stand over the ball. That’s alignment you can trust, 100%.

Free-Standing Address

Because the S7K stands by itself, you can set it up behind your ball and check its alignment from any point of view. Is it aimed where you want? If not, just rotate the shaft until the face is precisely pointed at your line. Then, simply place your hands on the grip and take your stroke. The shaft is angled perfectly so you don’t need adjust it forward, backward, up, or down. Now just take your stroke.

Strike Dot

Once you’re aligned and set up properly, it’s time to focus on impact. Ever wonder where you should be looking at the “moment of truth”? Where the face touches the ball. The S7K’s strike dot puts your eyes on this very spot, resulting in consistently solid putts.


legal for playlegal for play


S7K vs.Conventional Putter


Bottom Line (we’ll cut right to the chase): Conventional putters do next to nothing to help you line up your putts, do very little to aid your stroke, and cost too dang much. The S7K, on the other hand, stands by itself toall but ensures perfect alignment, the weighting and balance point promote a pendulum stroke, and it’s one of the best values in golf.


Pitching and Chipping Wedge

Sand and Lob Wedge

Stand up putter

Fairway wood


Legal for Tournament play

Available lofts

45, 55, 60

55, 59, 65

Not Applicable

21, 25, 29, 33



Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Graphite Shaft

Graphite Shaft with Stainless Steel Clubhead

Graphite Shaft with Stainless Steel Head

YOUR CHOICE OF HAND: Choose the hand that matches the other clubs in your set. If you play right-handed irons, for example, choose right hand. PERFECT LINE EVERY TIME: Close to 80% of putts are missed before you even start your stroke and poor alignment is to blame; With the S7K you set the putter behind the ball and step back to check your alignment from behind & down the line. See in an instant if you are misaligned so you can correct it and take a confident stroke
STANDS UP BY ITSELF, EVEN ON SLOPES: Other standing putters claim to stand on their own but struggle on uneven lies and imperfect green conditions; The S7K was meticulously tested to stand by itself even on slopes and in a light breeze; Just set it, check it, stroke it, sink it; Quickly start drain more putts from all over the green
BUILT-IN IMPACT POSITION & STRIKE DOT: The S7K has the perfect setup built right in; Once it’s aligned just place your hands on the grip and take your stroke, no adjusting the angle of the shaft. Plus the impact strike dot tells you exactly where to focus on contact for consistently solid putts; Perfect alignment, setup and impact give you extreme confidence in your putting
EXCEPTIONAL FEEL, BALANCE & ROLL: The S7K’s ultra-light grip and shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands, enhancing your speed and distance control; You will enjoy a buttery feel and sweet sound at impact, plus the best sound of all, the sound of the ball dropping in the cup; The S7K practically swings itself and rolls pure; Never miss another easy putt inside 10 feet
LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY & 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable one-year manufacturer warranty against defects

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts


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