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Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club for Men & Women- Versatile & Dependable Club for Long Accurate Shots with Heat-Treated INOX Steel Clubface & High Performance Graphite Shaft

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Price: $199.00
(as of Aug 14,2021 03:55:44 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Finally, A Fairway Metal That’s Long Like a Driver and an Absolute Rocket Off the Turf

High, long and straight… If that’s not what you’re getting when hittingoff the deck now, then you need to check out the brand new Vixa V12. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to get the ball up in the air from off the turf. Engineered by a “Hot List” club designer, the Vixa V12 is so accurate, it may just become your go-to club for golf’s longest, toughest shots.

Finally you’ll have a reliable club for…

Ultra-tight drives where you absolutely MUST hit the fairway, but can’t afford to sacrifice distance.Approach shots on that colossal par 4s that require every high-flying, ruler-straight yard you can muster.Par 5s where only a long, laser-guided layup give you any chance at birdie.

Heat-Treated Inox Steel Clubface

By applying outrageous amounts of heat to 17-4 stainless steel, the V12’s engineers could stretch Vixa’s face incredibly thin while maintaining durability. Translation: The ball explodes off the V12 like you won’t believe. Using steel instead of titanium also makes the Vixa fairay woods more flexible and a forgiving golf driver on off-center strikes. That equals longer, straighter shots on your miss-hits and fewer forays into trouble spots. Oh, and in case you’re curious about Vixa’s sound and feel: Soft, pure and pleasing to the soul.

Amateur-Friendly FeaturesAmateur-Friendly Features

Ultra-Low-Profile Setup, Dynamic Loft& Low and Forward COG

Ultra-Low-Profile SetupUltra-Low-Profile Setup

From top to bottom, Vixa’s clubface measures just 1.4 inches(slim by fairway woods standards), placing the center of the clubface below the ball’s equatorso youautomatically catch the ball high on the face and take full advantage of Vixa’s loft. The Vixa fairway metal’s slender profile makes it incredibly easy to get up and off the deck. You don’t need to “help” the ball into the air; use your normal swing and the Vixa fairway metal does all the work. There’s also less space between the leading edge and the back of the club, too, which moves the COG forward and decreases spin off the tee. Less spin means more yardage, plus added roll once the ball lands. And, the Vixa’s clubface pairs perfectly with its ground-hugging sole. The V12 slides effortlessly under the ball, no digging or bouncing like you get with a traditional woods.

Torque-Tuned Graphite Shaft

Torque-Tuned Graphite ShaftTorque-Tuned Graphite Shaft

Think of the Vixa V12 fairway woods golf club as a sports car: the clubhead is the engine, the grip the tires, and the shaft is the suspension. If it’s too loose (flexible) or tight for a given condition, it robs performance. A perfectly tuned shaft allows for maximum power transfer in a controlled manner.The flex, weight and torque of each of the Vixa’s five shaft options are perfectly tailored to deliver peak distance and accuracy based on your swing speed. You’ll love how smoothly this shaft loads and releases to generate effortless power – with responsive control.

legal for tournament playlegal for tournament play

Legal for tournament play

Vixa V12 – Easy to Hit. Consistent Distance. Consistent Accuracy. Consistent Confidence.

YOUR CHOICE OF HAND: Choose the hand that matches the other clubs in your set. If you play right-handed irons, for example, choose right hand.HIT IT HIGH, LONG & STRAIGHT FROM OFF THE TURF: The Vixa V12 is a low-profile fairway metal that’s a rocket off the turf and long like your driver; You will be amazed how easy it is to get the ball up in the air from off the deck thanks to its amateur-friendly design; It is specifically engineered to help mid- to high-handicappers conquer approach shots.
CRUSH IT OFF THE TEE, FLUSH IT ONTO THE GREEN: The V12 also doubles off the tee; Thanks to its low-profile design, you can tee it low for a level or slightly descending blow; This means extra control and accuracy so you can face down every tee shot, including ultra-tight fairways, with confidence
SO EASY TO GET AIRBORN FROM OFF THE DECK: The V12’s smooth-gliding sole gets under the ball without digging and its dynamic loft picks the ball up off the turf effortlessly; Watch the ball explode off the clubface thanks to the V12’s heat-treated INOX steel face; It’s never been easier to hit high-launching, long-carrying shots from the fairway, or to carry hazards and hit more greens in regulation too
LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY: Legal and conforming; Conforms to the rules of golf
1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY AGAINST DEFECTS; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable warranty

Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club for Men & Women- Versatile & Dependable Club for Long Accurate Shots with Heat-Treated INOX Steel Clubface & High Performance Graphite Shaft


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